Georgia brings awareness to Open Source Software

This past month Georgia was recognized by the National Association of State CIO’s for its work to improve access to digital properties used by the government, also known as the Accessible Platform Initiative. Open source software has taken center stage in the development and expansion of Georgia’s technology structure. This is a huge win for open source software in general as well as the adoption of it in larger and wider scale initiatives. 

With scalability and flexibility being at the center of open source software, this enables businesses, schools, and now, governments to grow quickly, and be nimbler compared to off the shelf, expensive platforms that are cumbersome to manage and scale. Scalability, flexibility, price, and manageability play huge roles in software decisions that businesses make. It is no longer just about having the newest software out there, especially when that new software locks down a business more than opening up possibilities for growth. Having a strong development community surrounding open source software is a huge plus as well.

This mindset is the very same way of thinking that lead us to develop OpenAnswer. OpenAnswer is a complete, open source call center software package. Extreme scalability and nimbleness is the backbone of the software to enable businesses to easily, continuously improve, expand, all the while keeping expenses down. No business is the same, so having control of your own software to run your answering service or call center enables you to run your business the way you need to, not based on an “off the shelf” platform that makes you conform to their boundaries.   

It is great that CIO’s and the media, both, are beginning to give exposure to initiatives and software that are causing businesses, government sectors, and organizations to be able to navigate the change needed to grow. This is just the first huge step of many that open source software will take as it continues to gain more and more exposure.

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