Getting Started

First…The Goods

Preferred method to get started is to use our 5 Minute Install by utilizing our pre-built Amazon AMI. Review this article on how to set it up.  After getting familiar with the system you could then give a self installation a shot should you want to self host or use a different platform. You can download the latest source tarball here Download OpenAnswer.

Second…The Recipe

To help you get started setting up your new OpenAnswer environment, we’ve compiled a detailed series of guides to assist you in setting your call center free. To download the installation guide, click here.

For more role-specific, detailed documentation for operators, managers, systems administrators and call center owners, please fill out the form below to download the entire set of user guides.

Prefer Video Guides?

We’ve produced a series of videos to help guide you through setup and installation of OpenAnswer. Watch the videos here.

VoiceNation would like to share our world-class documentation with you to help you on your mission to install OpenAnswer in your own environment. We’ve had this documentation professionally compiled by a team of tech writers and developers so that you can deploy OpenAnswer with ease.

To access the complete documentation please enter your details below and a link will be immediately available to you to access your download.

Documentation guides are in high-quality PDF format and include:

Install Guide PDF
Admins Guide PDF
Operators Guide PDF
Owners Guide PDF
  1. User Guide for IT & System Administrators, Installers and Maintainers
  2. User Guide for Call Center Admininstrators, Supervisors and Trainers
  3. User Guide for Call Center Phone Operators and Agents
  4. User Guide for Call Center Business Owners and General Management

Licensing Restrictions: Documentation guides are not for reproduction or redistribution. Documentation content is copyright protected and VoiceNation retains all rights. OpenAnswer software is licensed open source under AGPL v3

Download the Openanswer user guides